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F-Droid Build Status (Nightly)
2023-Sep-30 23:17:57 UTC / 4.7.0-779
Shows and monitors build status from F-Droid
New in version 4.7.0-779:
- Merge pull request 'Translated using Weblate (Japanese)' (#203) from translations_metadata into main
- Translated using Weblate (Japanese)
- added link to buildserver chart
- Merge pull request 'Translated using Weblate (Ukrainian)' (#202) from translations into main
- Translated using Weblate (Ukrainian)
OpenTracks (Nightly)
2023-Sep-28 22:17:22 UTC / v4.9.0-5-gaae1a4d65
A sport tracker buddy that respects your privacy.
New in version v4.9.0-5-gaae1a4d65:
- Merge pull request #1710 from OpenTracksApp/cleanup
- Cleanup: SensorStatistics is a record.
- Cleanup: SelectionData is a record.
- Cleanup: ChartPoint is a record.
- Cleanup.
OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks (Nightly)
2023-Oct-02 09:18:23 UTC / 3.0.1-849
OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracks
New in version 3.0.1-849:
- Merge pull request #278 from OpenTracksApp/translations
- Translated using Weblate (Romanian)
- don't treat pause trackpoints as invalid
- update changelog
- Merge pull request #277 from OpenTracksApp/translations
Railway station photos (Nightly)
2023-Sep-23 18:17:45 UTC / 14.6.2-841
Collect photos of railway stations for
New in version 14.6.2-841:
- New translations strings.xml (French) (#408)
- bump version and changelog
- update dependencies
- fix: problem report, changed name was not transferred to API
- Update changelog