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F-Droid Build Status (Nightly)
2022-May-20 01:11:35 UTC / 2.10.0-1-g745febd
Shows and monitors build status from F-Droid
New in version 2.10.0-1-g745febd:
- Crash report activity, update dependencies
- fix #69 Prevent reloading on screen rotation on details page
- fix #68 landscape layout for details page
- fix #67 scroll on main page incl. headline
- fixed formatting of published versions
OpenTracks (Nightly)
2022-May-27 01:10:07 UTC / v4.0.0-14-g36400c8ad
A sport tracker buddy that respects your privacy.
New in version v4.0.0-14-g36400c8ad:
- Fix EspressoUITest for API24.
- Fix EspressoDeleteTrackTest.
- KML: icons (start, stop, markers) use default icon. Until now we used external URLs from Google to fetch proper icons.
- Cleanup: align test classes name to tested class.
- Bump gradle from 7.2.0 to 7.2.1
OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks (Nightly)
2022-May-27 01:10:08 UTC / v2.15-2-g0714fa6
OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracks
New in version v2.15-2-g0714fa6:
- Merge pull request #150 from OpenTracksApp/dependabot/gradle/
- Bump gradle from 7.2.0 to 7.2.1
- Optimize icons
- Refactor Startup.isCrashReportingProcess
- Remove unused variable
Railway station photos (Nightly)
2022-May-27 01:10:04 UTC / 13.2.0-1-g2edfd51
Collect photos of railway stations for
New in version 13.2.0-1-g2edfd51:
- Bump gradle from 7.2.0 to 7.2.1 (#299)
- Bump constraintlayout from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4 (#298)
- Fix travis badge
- Optimize bug report image
- Refactor BaseApplication.isCrashReportingProcess